News - Giussano, in the province of Monza and Brianza, is hosting the company Museum of the Molteni group, born in 2015 to celebrate 80 years of history, innovation, research and quality furniture and design company. The aim is to contribute to the dissemination of the culture of design and it does so through 45 products-icon and original prototypes of Group companies: Molteni&C, Dada, Unifor and Citterio. But is told the story of an Italian company that, since its founding in 1934 by Angelo and Giuseppina Molteni, develops from the fifties with the collaboration of Italian and international architects and designers.

Much has changed from the first steps of handcraft, with Angelo Carpenter in the small workshop and Josephine to hold the cards and to come to terms. The production today is the industrial and international distribution. But on the whole remained unchanged the quality, which has always characterized the brand. The Museum is housed in a palace built in the late 1950s for the production and used for drying of veneer. Renovated in 1986 for the first time and again in 2004, retains traces of its industrial past. The Museum is enhanced by new finds, furniture and unpublished documents, drawings and plans, communication materials and graphics, for a multimedia constantly updated. It is no coincidence that it is considered a living place, search and memory, of Exchange and dialogue, an opportunity to meet the local and international communities, that weave relationships with Molteni.

Besides being a reflection on cultural heritage and collective is a symbol of the legacy of the group, which brought the quality of Made in Italy in the world. The Molteni Archive is a place for research, conservation and study of the cultural heritage of the company: the more than 4,500 documents collected, from prototypes to printed materials, photographs, audio and video, are also available in an online archive available to scholars and researchers. Among the cameos of the collaboration with Aldo Rossi and Luca Meda for construction project of the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa, or the long partnership with Unimark in people by Bob Noorda, Massimo and Lella Vignelli among the main representatives of the Agency, to design the corporate identity during the 1970s.