In the province of Asti is a very special tree: the so-called "Double tree in Casorzo", located precisely in the countryside around the small town of Casorzo. The peculiarity is that a cherry tree grew on a mulberry tree, in a decidedly unusual, especially since the two shafts are of considerable dimensions (the cherry tree is up now over 5 meters).

It's just the size of the two trees that is particularly unusual: pest trees which grow on other trees are a rare phenomenon but known, though usually the tree parasite has extremely small size and lasts rather short life. But in this case both trees are completely normal.

No one knows how he got the cherry tree to be born and grow in an unusual position: probably a bird dropped a seed on Mulberry, and the roots must be grown through cavities in the trunk of the latter. What is certain is that for many the bialbero is a symbol of peaceful coexistence, that men should seek to imitate.