Until November 27 in the spaces of La Pelanda-Macro Testaccio in Rome will be able to visit the exhibition DigitaLife: Immersive Exhibit Section of Romaeuropa Festival dedicated to the interaction between artistic disciplines, scientific research and new technologies. Curated by Richard Castle, the exhibition depicts the works that tell the interaction between the real and the virtual, the deconstruction of the space-time coordinates and the construction of an "elsewhere" immersive, utopian and delusional.

In the exhibition we find artists like Shiro Takatani presenting ST/LL work created for the 3D machine Water Matrix by himself realized: a real audio-visual medium, a robotic machine that carves water sculptures in real time creating a continuous illusion shapes and images. To use this machine as a sculpture is rather Christian Partos, with The Sorcerer's Apprentice that uses 900 vacuum tubes 3D Water Matrix to create figures that inhabit the space in a fluid dance. And then Kurt Hentschläger creates a true immersion, thanks to the work Zee which is home to viewers on a foggy environment, in which you do not recognize and even locates the nearest neighbor. De-virtualizzante is instead the work of the collective Italian NONE (Gregorio De Luca Comandini, Mauro Pace and Saverio Villirillo) that works with Deep Dream_Act II Digital collective imagination, the most vulgar expression of the image electronically and on the web role as collector and redistributor of voyeurism and futility. Mirror, video and lighting multiply indefinitely our obsessions immersing the viewer in virtual space of randomiche images, as in a deep dream.

Alongside this path a focus on the relationship between robotics and virtual environments PERCRO laboratory of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and the conference of Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, in Rome on November 24 as part of the 150th anniversary of relations between Italy and Japan, together talking android forged in his image and likeness, and able to hold a conversation as a real human being.

DigitaLife: Immersive Exhibit
From 7 October to 27 November
Location: La Pelanda - Macro Testaccio | Rome
Info: www.romaeuropa.net